Day 8: How You Talk To The One

Ever notice how there is that moment in every Rom-Com where the lead character kicks off this very long and intense monologue declaring their love for the other person. How the last 90 minutes of this movie have been pure agony because they have been kept apart and life is worth nothing if they can’t spend it together. It all tends to sound kind of formulaic. And, to be honest, all those “you had me at hello” movie quotes and Nicholas Sparks propaganda make me sick.

But this conversation between Buffy and Spike has always stuck with me. Not because I love Buffy or because I want to bone Spike – both of which are true but that’s besides the point. The speech may be ooey-gooey emotional but I also think it’s honest. It’s not all about him professing his undying love for her. He is telling her that he sees her. He understands her. He accepts her. He believes in her. And shouldn’t THAT really be the definition of love.


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