Day 15: We All Want to Quit Sometime

It’s inevitable. Even for the best of the best, there are times when we want nothing more than to throw our arms up to the sky and say “fuck all of this,” drop the mic and walk out. It’s really hard not to quit because there are so many reasons to give up, and I’m not even talking about the big D here (my personal favorite: Depression) – I’m thinking everyday things like frustration, anger, jealousy, guilt, fear, or plain old exhaustion.

Big things make you want to give up. Small things make you want to give up. There is a reason they say “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.” At some point it’s too much.

And it really isn’t about the act of quitting, it’s about the anticipation of relief.

Buffy did it. Just for a second. She had her reasons for quitting; for fantasizing about the mythical, cathartic relief. And as heroes are want to do, she swims in an ocean of her own guilt for even entertaining the idea.

The desire to quit is not a bad thing, it’s a human thing. We are all carrying the weight of some world on our shoulders. Sure we never asked for the responsibility or the pressure, but we get up every day and face it. And if for one moment you want out…. So What. Remember at some point we all want out. Allow yourself that tiny indulgence of feeling it and flipping the middle finger to the powers that be. So. Fucking. What.

Again, I say, it’s not about the quitting, it’s about finding relief. Rest. Sanctuary. A shelter from the storm within – frustration, anger, jealousy, guilt, fear, or plain old exhaustion. Those are feelings and they are important, but they aren’t more than that. Don’t fight the urge to quit, instead focus on where you are needed and you will find your relief.


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